Comprehensive Geriatric Evaluation

May 29, 2023
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Comprehensive Geriatric Evaluation

What should older adults expect when they or their families request a comprehensive evaluation?  This article gives you the details.

At Lukner Medical Clinic, we understand that aging can bring unique challenges. We offer specialized care for our elderly patients through our Geriatric Medicine services. 

Our team of compassionate and experienced healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing comprehensive care that addresses our patients' physical, emotional, and social needs. 

We start with a comprehensive evaluation, and then, depending on the needs, we focus on those areas.  

A comprehensive geriatric evaluation is a multidimensional process designed to assess the functional ability, health (physical, cognitive, and mental), and social support of an older person. It is a thorough evaluation of an older person's health status and function, and it is designed to facilitate accurate diagnosis, holistic management, and effective communication and care planning within a multidisciplinary team.

Here are some of the components of a comprehensive geriatric evaluation:

1. Medical history: This includes reviewing the patient's medical history, including current medications, past illnesses, and surgeries.

2. Physical examination: This includes a thorough physical examination to assess the patient's overall health, including vital signs, vision, hearing, and mobility.

3. Functional assessment: This includes evaluating the patient's ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing, dressing, and eating, as well as instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs), such as managing finances and transportation.

4. Cognitive assessment: This includes evaluating the patient's cognitive function, including memory, attention, and executive function.

5. Mental health assessment: This includes evaluating the patient's mental health, including depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric conditions.

6. Social assessment: This includes evaluating the patient's social support system, including family, friends, and community resources.

7. Environmental assessment: This includes an evaluation of the patient's living environment, including safety, accessibility, and potential hazards.

8. Nutritional assessment: This includes evaluating the patient's nutritional status, including dietary habits and weight.

9. Medication review: This includes a review of the patient's medications to ensure that they are appropriate and not causing adverse effects.

10. Goal-oriented management plan: Based on the results of the evaluation, a goal-oriented management plan is formulated to address issues that are of concern to the patient and their family and caregivers when relevant.

Comprehensive geriatric assessment is a multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach to healthcare delivery to frail older patients.  It generates problem lists and diagnoses and establishes goal-oriented management plans and sustained individually tailored interventions.

The assessment results are coupled with sustained individually tailored interventions, such as rehabilitation, education, counseling, and supportive services.  

To get started, we recommend you schedule an appointment at https://provider.kareo.com/dr-ralf-lukner or call our clinic at 806-329-3050x20.  Mention that you are interested in "Care for an older adult" or another descriptive reason for the appointment.   You can also check out our website at https://luknermed.com.

The evaluation and treatment plan development will occur over several appointments as we find out the needs and put the pieces of the plan together. 

Does this answer your questions?  If not, send us a message or give us a call, and we would be happy to help you get your questions answered.